Sunday, March 6, 2016

God calls one of his faithful home to be with him and her soulmate. Nancy Reagan passes away at 94

Today, One of the most beautiful ladies the world has ever known, passed away.  Nancy Reagan, wife and partner of former President Ronald Reagan has gone to be with him in heaven.

Her obituary will be written with more information and style than I have,but I will always remember the grace, style, and class of this wonderful lady.  Despite being hated by all those who also hated her husband and what he stood for, She stood by his side even after his passing with her head up and solid in her love of Ronald, America, and her God, the God of Israel and the Gentiles.

This is a story of a great love affair between two great people. Reagan, in his dairies, always mentioned how lost he felt in the few times he traveled away from her.  They were deeply in love for their entire lives.  It's good they get to be together again side by side with their King, Jesus.

Whenever we lose another one of these wonderful people from a gentler and more traditional time, the world passes further away from a time when a man's word meant something and family and marriage were not just social constructs, but the very foundations of our society.

Today, on a rainy Sunday in Southern California, we say goodbye to a great spirit, an American Icon, and a strong Christian Woman.

Rest in Peace, Nancy.

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