Sunday, October 16, 2016

This week in Football.

No way I'm going to document my feeling for an entire season.  Just sayin'
I have the opportunity to watch a lot of games this season, so I'll post all my prejudices as best I can.  You know how it is, Teams fall into four categories. Your team(s), teams you like, teams you hate, teams you don't really care about.  Am I right?

Okay, this week.
First, the San Diego Chargers.  This is one of my teams. My main team. I didn't get into football at all until my family moved to San Diego.  I saw the Chargers play at Balboa stadium back in the day.  I watched as Jack Murphy Stadium (now Qualcomm) was built.  I feel you have to support the home team.  It's like going to high school, and supporting the team of a different school. Really.  So here I am.  It appears the Chargers are committed to staying in San Diego.  if they don't, I'll find another team.  Phillip Rivers, Man. really. Over 43,000 yards. breaks the record for most complete passes by a San Diego QB.  The 31 year record was held by Football Hall of Famer, Dan Fouts.  The Chargers go into this game with 7 starters in the injured list.  Antonio Gates is finally back.  It was a tough game. Rivers and Gates seemed to not be on the same page all day, heck, they were reading different books.  However, the team seemed to be in the game and the Chargers managed to not squander another lead and beat the Broncos. So, barring any complications, this team is looking like it can pull through to better times.  And after all that happened today, the division is only separated by two wins.  Phillip Rivers is now no. 2 in the NFL in passing.

My second team is The New England Patriots.  I always root for them except against the Chargers.  Tom Brady is one of the finest QBs that has ever played the game.  I discount all the controversy surrounding the team because I think all the teams do all they can to win.  The Patriots just seem to suck at cheating, so they seem to always get caught.  Cinncinatti is a team I don't care about and I don't rate very high, and NE beat them 35to 17.

Of course, any team in the same division as your favorite is one you want to lose.  Today, two division rivals played each other.  Now what?  It was simple. the one with the best record should lose. In this case it was Oakland, which is doubly good because I just hate the Raiders.  Always have.  Kansas City did m a favor and Took them apart completely in a 26/10 win.

One of the big games today was the Green Bay vs Dallas game.  The controversy here is about how Tony Romo has been out, and the rookie backup QB has been winning games so it looks like it's questionable whether or not Romo will get his spot back. Since I have always thought Romo was overrated, I wanted Dallas to win just for that reason.  Prescott did not disappoint, and Dallas beat Green Bay 30 to 16.  Prescott broke Brady's record for number of pass attempts without an interception by a rookie. 177 passes and then, yes, an interception. But still a new record. Brett Farve made an appearance in the broadcaster booth and had a love fest conversation with announcer Troy Aikman talking about old match ups between the two of them. 

Green Bay was Jeremiah's favorite team, especially with Farve as QB. Consequently, I dislike the Vikings.  Good for them standing at 5-0.

I dislike Seattle and would have been happy if they had lost.  Despite a great effort and the help of a bad call The Atlanta Falcons lost 26/24

Colin Kapernicks sideline schenanagans has increased  my standing dislike for San Francisco teams. A win by the Giants was welcomed.