Thursday, May 12, 2011

TV - 2011

a quick critque of what I've been watching.

Hawaii 5-O. Love this show. When I watch tv, i don't need complex characters, at least not at first, these characters are developing. Dano is growing on me weekly. I want this character to get back with his ex and be happy. I'm not sure if the writers are going to do it. And let me say here, I like Scott Caan in general. He has grown into so many mannerisms of his dad. It's nice to watch him. Scott, and his Father James have many unique mannerisms. Very controlled intensity as an actor. The character of Chin Ho has to get through this problem with the Hawaii police dept. It was an okay basis for Daniel Kim's character's smouldering personality at the beginning of the series, but it needs to be resolved now. Grace Park's character has been one of mainly girl-fluff. The character has potential, but needs the depth explored. I would like to see her soon go through a life changing or strength developing crisis. We need to see how tough she is. The character of Jenna Kaye is a good addition. It takes the weight of the only female action character off Grace Park, allowing for development of her character. Now, what about Alex O'Laughlin? This is not your father's McGarrett. I like this character. I especially love the interaction between O'Laughlin and Caan. This has been a fun pairing. Caan whines, and O'Laughlin broods, but they both take it out on each other. I have a lot of fun watching this show and use it as excapist tv. Good show. Next: Castle

Tell me

This is the safest place to post this question, because no one will read or respond to it.

If you are an Obama supporter, please tell me what you think he has done since he has gotten into office. I'm not trying to trick anybody, and I'm not looking for a raging discussion between conservatives and liberals, I just want to know what you think he's done. No sarcasm intended here, I just want your thoughts.