Saturday, April 26, 2008

Warning!! Worst movie ever!!!

Have you ever seen ads for a movie that looks like a cute little chick-flick that you can see with the wife and have it turn out to be really disgusting?

We went to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". What a mistake. The adds looked like fun. This guy gets dumped by his actress girlfriend and tries to get over her. It turns out that bad acting is only the beginning. Very early in the movie you are treated to shots of the leading man's privates. There is a lot of sex where people are naked and humping but somehow the scenes are tried to be done tastefully. It was gross! Bad jokes, Visual and verbal. Bad acting. Weak plot.

This was was so bad that I stayed because I knew it just had to get better. There's no way it could be that bad throughout the entire movie. I was wrong.. By the way, the girl who plays the idiot Jackie on That 70's Show is in this movie too. And she can't act either.

Save your money for a root canal. It will be more fun.

Winter blows ... in!

Last week we suddenly had a snowstorm that dropped 13 or more inches on south-eastern ND. Right after I said all those nice things about the weather. My car promtly slid off the road into a ditch on the way to work and cost me $75.00 to get pulled back onto the road. Ick.

Today, we have another snowstorm that made driving in Forks kinda bad and messed up HWY29 from Grand Forks to Fargo. Made it to work though.

Wind advisory today and maybe some more snow tomorrow. It doesn't stay cold enough so it melts during the day and the farmers need the water but it sure is a drag to drive in.

Politic as usual

The President goes on TV the other day and explains how we are not in a recession but rather just a slow down. Now, this is the truth because the Dow-Jones just keeps moving up and down in the same 150 point range. We might have some tough times ahead due to the oil companies' screwing us but still, we're okay for now. The people on CNN (a friend called it the Clinton News Network) come on and start saying that the president is soft-peddling the facts to look good and we really are in a recession. Typical. Liberals want to put everything in the worst possible light so people will vote Democrat out of fear.

It just kinda bugs me even though I expect it.

Eat My Dust, Boys!

Danica Patrick has won an Indy series race. A very talented driver, it was only a matter of time before she proved herself. Despite nay-sayers (the boys are intimidated) she drives into history. Congratulations, Danica great job and keep going. I'm proud of you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Saw a couple of newer movies on PPV that I had missed in the theaters. "Mr. Brooks" was really strange. I loved his imaginary psychosis friend. Cool ending. It's always nice when big actors start doing evil parts. Some of them take a while to do it so it's a shock to see them that way. Like Denzil in "Training Day" or "American Gangster" both of which I just recently saw. I also watched "Awake". That too was weird. Very unexpected ending. For some reason I'm enjoying weird movies lately. Finally I saw "I Am Legend". Didn't really care for the way it came out. It was okay, the alternative ending wasn't much better. Well, That's that.

Life out here

Now that it's spring, I'm seeing a lot to do here at home. Yesterday was glorious. mid 60s and calm. I spent the whole day outside. Took pictures of things that should begin to look better with a little effort. Everything needs to be swept out. I have a lot of boxes and such to burn. My 4-wheeler wasn't working too well during the winter. It did work the one day I really needed it, though. I think it needs a new sparkplug. I had it running Friday and cruised the property. Even went to some areas I haven't been to yet. Saturday I ran it a little but it shut down and I couldn't start it again. Got both cycles charged and started and ran the little one a bit. Next I have to start the mower. Put up a couple of bird feeders and the bath. Bought seed today as well as sweet feed for the horses. Fixed both of my electric fences. The one around the corral has been down all winter. There was a snowdrift about 5 feet high along the south side so it would have shorted out the fence if I had tried to run it. The horses have been getting through it anyway. I changed the charger on the fence. The old one is only 2000v and rated for limited use with horses. The new one is probably 5000v so it should work better.

We are repainting our bathroom. It was an ugly pale green now it will be a medium blue. Had some plumbing problems with the new tub I installed last summer so I fixed it too.

I've been working five or six days a week lately. I normally work 4 ten hour shifts so everything else is overtime. I've committed to working five for awhile just for the money. But the weekend shift is always short so they'll take what they can get. $$$. Laurie will soon be working 8-hour shifts that coincide with mine better, so we'll be doing even more car-pooling. This is a good thing when you concider the distance we drive and the current price of gas.

Did I say I hit a second deer around Feb? Got my car back and I'm very happy about it. My wife calls me "The Deer Hunter". We had a brief blizzard on the 4th. It wasn't bad here but a drove right into it heading for work. Car slid off the road into a ditch I couldn't get out of. No damage except to my wallet. When I went back to get it there was snow up to my knees.

New TV season is starting. We get to see Lost, House, & Greys Anatomy again. Yay...

Well, I'l try to get some more ramblings soon, Bye!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Howdy! I took a few months off. (No one reads this anyway.) But I thought I'd get back into it. New things are happening and It's Spring so We'll see. I also decieded to go for a new look, too.

A new insightful post coming soon to beautiful (This Area)!!!!