Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Occasional post - Gun Control

I'm watching Hawaii five-oh. season 7 episode 5. "The Stand".   It's actually about gun control.   A parent of a high school shooter kills a couple of people and then takes the Hawaii supreme court hostage to gain a platform to speak out against gun violence.  Now. I really enjoy Hawaii five-oh.  But since the producers are left wing Hollywood types, They have an episode that talks about the subject of the second amendment.

Now, it's late, I'm tired and I have to work in the morning, but if I rant here, maybe I can go back to bed and sleep.

So, McGarrett and Williams have a discussion about guns.  Danny, who is from New Jersey is against private citizens owning guns. McGarrett, who is an ex-Navy Seal, is all for it.  The conversations initially lay out the differences of opinion, But then it all goes bad as it only can in Hollywood.

Danny brings up how the second amendment talks about militias, and well-regulated, but McGarrett never tells him how or why that argument is fallacious.  That is the hypocrisy of the left.  Put forth your point of view, but don't waste time putting out the opposing point of view.

In the episode, the man states about the high amount of mass shootings in America as opposed to other large nations.  He never admits that the majority of these shootings are from Islamic terrorists.  In the episode, a judge has just gotten his concealed carry permit and tries to intervene and gets himself shot while not seriously injuring the hostage taker.  This shows how silly it is to be a Concealed-carry person.  In the sterile controlled environment of a TV fiction show, life happens just as the left always predicts it.  So much less messy than real-world events.