Saturday, August 29, 2009

Of Liberals and Socialists

I can't help thinking about this and it worrys and angers me. How did the liberal mindset get so skewed. There is an inherant heart for life and the doing of good. But there is also naivete' and a sort of cynicism that both strips away the foundational structure of charity and attacks and condemns even the attempt to charity. On one hand, life is considered sacred so all people from anywhere deserve an equal part of the common wealth of the world. Indeed, even the most horrid sociopath on death row deserves to not be unduly punished by death. But, on the other hand, the death of an unborn or partially born child may be killed in the name of science or mere convienience. A people must create a set of rules of behavior that they apply to a common group to live by in order to have civilization for those people. What we have today is an idea that the benefits that have risen from that system is somehow to be afforded all people whether they choose to live under those rules or not. This has become so confused that another group can appear saying they believe in a better world where everybody has everything and that it's all for good so the first group thinks if they follow these people it will happen.

"You can't get something for nothing, You can't have freedom for free."
- Something for Nothing - Neil Peart, Rush.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy Passes On

The last of the Kennedy brothers has died from Brain Cancer. The Senator died at home early Wednesday morning. I was not a fan of his politics by any means, but I salute his courage both for his fight against this disease and for promoting the priciples in which he believed. I offer my prayers and condolencense

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sale of a lifetime!!!

Guess who's holding the grandaddy of all garagesales? Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger! In an attempt to fund California's failed economy, the Governator is holding a garage sale on ebay and Craig's list selling items the state has from surplus, unclaimed property, etc. Gov. Schwarzenegger has even autographed some of the items. Good or bad, at least he's being innovative.

An Eclectic Cornucopia

I love to shop the second hand stores for vinyl albums I don't have or need new copies of. A lot of the time I don't find much, after all, this is a rather small area. Then it isn't often I find really great stuff in good shape. But let me tell you about this haul! The most normal of the bunch were Tears for Fears' second album The Hurting and Roxy Music's Avalon. You gotta love Bryan Ferry. Then a new copy of King Crimson's Discipline where Robert Fripp deceided his new group was a new incarnation of his old ways. Fripp, Brufford, Levin and Belew. Wow. Then a completely underground album is I Advance Masked. Robert Fripp took time between Discipline and Beat to work with Andy Summers the guitarist for the police. If you ever wondered about the quantum leap Andy made between Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity, the answer is here. Fripp has that effect on everybody. Finally, Laurie Anderson's Mister Heartbreak with some of the greatest music of 1984. Using Crimson's Adrian Belew for a great portion of the guitar work, she weaves great tales of modern life and even works with Peter Gabriel and poet William S. Burroughs. Incredible. Just a great haul, and since the styles are so not mainstream, whoever had these just didn't get them and they are in perfect condition. Try finding a copy of Abbey Road like that. Good luck.

Jackson's death ruled homiside

Today the court ruled that the Death of the famed songwriter was homiside. Maybe negligent homicide but otherwise it's not because the doctor certainly wasn't trying to kill the man.

When Anna Nicole SMith died, one of the identified factors was her doctor's subscribing too many chemicals. But the Jackson case is no different. So what has changed?

The socialists in Washington are trying to pass a health care bill. This is making then create as many evil people in the system as they can so we'll buy the argument that it needs to be changed.

Don't buy into it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ducking Responsibility

Say your local barber consistantly does a bad job cutting hair. Do you just find another barber? What if it's some service that has limited choice or competition? WOuld you take them to court to get them to change?

In the debate over health care, instead of using the court or applied competition, The left thinks we should just have the government take the whole thing over. Do you think they will assure good, professional, and inexpensive service? Hardly.

People who want to "fix" health care are just people with a maybe legitamate gripe who want to just dump the problem in the Governments lap. I'm telling you, even considering lost work time and court costs, it'll be cheaper to take them to court.