Saturday, February 20, 2010

They are at it again!!!

I'm watching Hannity and a couple of other news/opinions programs and I can't believe that the game isn't changing. The issue is brought up about how Obama has now invited Republicans into the health care debate. The libs complain that the Republicans are being obstructionists and have no ideas and just don't want to help. It's like reading a book and every other chapter is a completely different story. The Democrats and the President specifically have left the Republicans out of the debate. The discussions have not been put on C-Span as promised there is no transparency. When the Dems talk about bi-partanship, they mean do it our way. There are plenty of ideas being offered by Conservatives to address the problems within the health care system. That is the main idea coming from the right. Let's do what will fix the problems. The Left just wants to scrap the entire thing and bring in an overweight unfundable Government control system. They don't want to fix what needs to be fixed they just want their system, instead. It goes around and around. The left keeps saying the right doesn't want to participate while not letting them in the door and then whine that the Republicans are obstructing when the Dems can't even pass the measures with a fillibuster proof majority. Now that they no longer have it, they point at the right and say it's their fault. I get so tired of the same old games from Washington and yes, I believe it's worse on the left. 3

I started out as not a fan of Glen Beck. There was a lot about his show I didn't like, including the format. He has won me over on some points. For the most part, I don't think ha says anything that isn't being said by others, but he has a style that presents the arguments in a very simple format. Like a school teacher, his presentation is straight-forward. Starting a couple of months ago, he has shifted direction and has grown a lot. He is, as I am, I conservative rather than a Republican. A constitutionalist. The federal government currently has power that it was never intended to have. The framers and founders would be agast at what has been down to the system of goverment. There is a movement within Washington that is known as the Progressive movement. This movement goes back to the end of the 19th century. It is founded in the writings of Neitszche and Marx. It says that most of the little people are not smart enough to run the world so the elites and intellectuals need to do it for them. Ultimately this leads to socialism as the government becomes larger and larger and controls more and more of th lives of the people. I want the government out of my life. Now, am I talking about Democrats? am I talking about Obama and the current administration, or who? The truth is the the prograssive movement is throughout the system. Bush is a progressive. So is Obama. McCain, Pelosi, Reid, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt. This got a big start when a college man began writing about how the elite should take control. This man started wriying in the 1880s and later became President Woodrow Wilson. My studies have only begun on this, but what I've found so far scares the heck out of me.

Presently, though, the problem is that Govenment is too big and controls too much of our lives. Government does little well and is too cumbersome to affect anything quickly. Politics was never meant to be a career in itself. Too many on both sides of the Aisle do just that. They pass laws which will affect regular life that they will never have to return to live. The system of cronyism and lobbyists is an outrage and the founders such as Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and Madison would never have wanted it to happen.

Go ahead, say, well, Obama's spending too much, but so did Bush. Right, they both did and they were both wrong. Bush shored up National Security but left the border wide open. He wanted to improve education, but never took on the Teachers unions. Obama is totally committed to Seiu and gives them more power daily. JFK said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." He was talking about personal service, not paying taxes. He stood up to the Communists and the Unions. He started a war in Asia because there was oppression, that was a real can of worms. I support the idea of Vietnam, the problem was that Johnson poured too much money and troops into it without an understanding of how to win or real drive to solve it. Nixon followed into it and was powerless to end it after the Democrat congress got the blame shifted to the right and stopped funding it.

I have a person list of real leaders in the White House and will someday know enough to know when it is complete up to date. Let's just list some of my heroes. Washington, Lincoln, Reagan.

What I heard recently was that yes, Reagan did growth the debt, but had also grown GDP to pay for it. What happened after that was Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. Progressives all.