Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Great Book!

I just heard a great book. Maybe audio books are cheating, but when you spend two hours a day driving to and from work, it makes sense. Okay, the book. "Ted, White, and Blue" by Ted Nugent. Here's a guy who doesn't smoke, do drugs, speaks of only moderate drinking, and is still touring with his outrageously loud band. Ted speaks of politics, guns, religion, and much common sense. I couldn't recommend it any higher.

Flood may have been averted!

Due to warming weqather, record snowfall, and a couple of new storms, The Red River has been threatening to overflow most of the valley. It looks like the danger is going to pass, but they are still waiting to see if the dykes all hold. Some of the more southern towns are getting some problems, but Fargo just might make it. Grand Forks has closed two of the three bridges across the river and might close the third. We'll see. There is still a lot of snow out there and we'll have some more ugly weather this week. Bismarck and Mandan are having the same problems, I hope they do well too.

Close the borders - now

The title should get people angry as well as branding me a racist. I don't dislike people from another country, but, of course, If someone wants to become a permanent resident here, then they should learn the language and respect the laws. This guy was on TV and argued that although it appears that we can't handle all these people with unemployment where it is, in reality they actually create jobs. Absurd!!! Sure, there are some who open bussinesses here and I won't argue about who would get hired, but the VAST majority who are here illegally are not educated enough or wealthy enough to start anything. If a huge majority of citizens of a country feel that America is the model of how they think a country should be, then they should work to change their country. Our founding fathers did it here in spite of the oppressive British ruling government.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

It is my daughter, Eliza's birthday. She's away at her AIT for the Guard. She passed her boards for Medic and we are very proud of her.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What is a budget?

a summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them; "the president submitted the annual budget to Congress"


We're taking a course right now on how to get out of debt and create a financial future. We are learning how to budget and how to stay within that budget. Maybe Congress should talk to Dave Ramsey. The Government makes only as much money as it can collect in taxes but they budget billions and now trillions for spending as if that will be collected intaxes thus saddling our grandchildren with debt. The biggest problem with this process is the excess and diverting of funds that create a need for more income. For instance, money that went to Louisiana which should have been used to upgrade the dyke system was earmarked to help expand the barge throughways. This when barge traffic is decreasing. The result was disaster when Katrina hit. Also a great deal of money goes to the school systems. However, only a fraction of it goes to teachers. The rest goes to administrators and unions. If Congress stopped this nonsense, and spent the money wisely, we could get by with a smaller budget and still maintain a strong and stable America.

Alabama paralyzed by inclement weather!!

Well, they weren't expecting it. It snowed in Tuskaloosa, Alabama and my sister posted some pictures of it. Not much of a snow by North Dakota standards, but we're talking Alabama so it's a big deal. Like if we had an earthquake here. I'm gonna steal a couple of the shots ad post them here for your enjoyment. Get that shovel out professor!

(Compare these pics with the ones below of my yard, he he)

Happy Birthday, David

There are only a few birthdays I actually remember. I almost always realize when they come but usually forget to say anything until it's past. Feb. 28th was my brother David's birthday. Assuming that he still celebrates it in some fashion, I want to publicly wish him a happy birthday.

If you'd like to do something for him, and yourself, go to the following website:

and read some of his stories. He lives in San Diego and we wish him the happiest of times.