Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Has this ever happened to you? I was driving my wife home from work this morning. Heading over the hill on Mission Gorge Avenue from Grantville into Santee. There is a lady driving in the lane next to me. You know the type. A bit heavy-set, 40ish, lots of makeup and "Mary Kay" on her back window. None of those factors mean anything, but combined, they always point out a particular type of person who will push past you or talk you down in any conversation. An annoying go-getter that is usually self-centered. She's driving over the speed limit, and constantly drifting into my lane. She was making me nervous, so I wanted to pass her, but she was driving a little faster than I was, and at every light, she'd take off very quickly so I couldn't even get ahead of her that way. As we started climbing the hill past Jackson Drive, she just went faster, and thankfully left me far behind. As I got into Santee, I turned at West Hills and then east on Mast Blvd. My final turn was at Fanita Parkway. There, at the light waiting for the left turn, was the lady who had sped away from me. We sat for a few seconds waiting for the light to change. It tickled me that for all of her speeding and bad driving, she didn't really arrive any sooner than if she'd driven like everyone else. I also had a bit of fun, when the light changed and she was stuck behind a slow-moving truck all the to and through the next turn she needed to make. She must have been quite upset. People need to pay attention and drive like they are not the only creatures on the planet. It was annoying, but I just hope she corrects herself before having a major accident.