Friday, November 27, 2009

Community Organizes!

Heard about this story on Rush this morning. I nope I can get a link to it. On the island of Kuaii in Hawaii, there was a state park and access road that had been damaged by a storm. The locals were waiting for the state to provide help to repair it. The estomates from the state was 2 million dollars and 4 years. The help wasn't coming and estimates were 2-4 years before the park would be reopened. The people got together and - at no cost to taxpayers - did the repairs in 8 days. Outrageous! An example of American principles of self reliance. This is great! When I hear the term Community Organizer, this is the picture that comes to my mind. This is what it should be, not people working to get voters for a particular group. It should be a term for activities that pull people in a comminity together to get projects done not lobbying for Liberals.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con founder dies

Why is it always raining when I get bad news? Shel Dorf, The founder of the San Diego Comic-Con has died at the age of 76. I was periferally involved in the con for the first couple of years and spent some time around Shel. I am sad at his passing and will always remember the impact "his" convention made in my life. I was aroun 17 when the first mini-con was held at the U.S Grant hotel in San Diego and it was the biggest thing I'd ever been a part of up to that point in my life. Here is a link for the Reuters story.

And here is a link for a autobiographical page on the comicartville library site.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

At the risk of beimg called a racist (again)

Yeah, maybe even not-politically-correct (horrors) if you have some person making comments against America (in America) being happy when terrorist attacks occur and belonging to the same religion as those who are at war with us, they should have been singled out by the authorities, questioned, and dropped from the military. This is an outrage and further my anger against the Muslim bastards that are trying to ruin this world. Our boys and girls have enough danger in thier lives without having to be shot at a state-side military post. Someone dropped the ball here and should go to prison for the rest of thier lives. I don't hate people I hate the things that they do and I hate a demonic mental enslavement that was inspired by Satan. I'm angry and I want justice and retribution.