Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Laurie and I went to Devils Lake and participated in the observance there. Always a solumn but heartwarming time to help honor all the service people who have died for our freedom but especially Jeremiah. The Devils Lake community band played and also the Our Savior's church and friends choir. We laid wreaths for each of the wars our country has fought starting with WWI. It was good.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Death Penalty

Okay, let's get really controversal. Should we abolish the death penalty? Sean Hannity had Will Farrell on his show, and said that he had come to agree with leftist Farrell on abolishing the death penalty. Now, most conservatives think it should be used and most liberals don't. Hannity thought it shoud still be used when there is incontrovertable evidence.

Here's my take: While seeing myself as a committed conservative, I agree that we should not use it. Here is why. We are put here to accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior and to spread his gospel. I would rather support a man for a lifetime in prison so he has a chance at some time to come to faith than to take his life before he can. Of course, I don't think that he should ever be allowed out of prison, because we will never know if someone says he believes that he really does. And if he does, he'll know that he cannot be freed but might find that prison is a perfect mission field for him.

That is how I feel about it.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Darling

I haven't gotten online for this since Thursday, so I'll post it now. I had a great time with you the other night. You are my life=partner, my best friend, the chocolate chips in my chocolate chip cookies, and My darling wife. I love you.

Thursday was our 20th anniversary. for those of you with more time in, I hope you've been as blessed as I have. For thoses who haven't, I'd say work on it and it'll be fun. This is currently the best time of our lives so far. It hasn't always been good, but we've come through a lot and are having fun being together now. I am overwhelmed how great Laurie is.

I worked and she didn't thursday. She met me in Grand Forks and we went to the Bronze Boot for dinner. It is one of those restaurants that looks like it's heyday was 40 years ago. Neon framed boot and all. 50's style architecture. However, inside it is clean, and nice. Thiis place really knows how to cook a steak. They cut their own, and is a place where we go for special occasions. A nice dinner and the server, whom I believe may be one of the owners, is very nice. she brought us a double dish of ice cream, toppings and two spoons to help us celebrate.

I was just thinking about the kids on Thursday, too. Laurie and I went to Disneyland for our honeymoon and then we went there when we were in San Diego this winter as a celebration of the 20 years. But I remembered the times we took the kids, too. Jeremiah and Alex's first time right after Eliza was born and we left her with Nana. We were working for a property management company out of L.A. at the time and we told the boys we had a meeting up there and had no one to look after them all day. We left early and they slept most of the time, but we got to L.A. early amid whines of "Are we there, yet?" And them we pulled into the vast parking lot of Disneyland and the lok on their eyes was priceless. A whirlwind day running from one ride to the next and having one of the best times of my life. Jeremiah pulling the sword from the stone, eating at the Blue Bayou. All of us one my favorite ride, the Pirates of the Carribean. We went to Tom Sawyer island and as soon as we stepped off the little raft, Jeremiah took of and got lost. We found him 10 minutes later with security and wet cheeks. Alex in a stroller, fell asleep during the Electrical Parade. and screaming during the fireworks. We opened and closed it that day. It was great.

Verrry Nice Day (so far)

I tried to sleep in. Much more than I really wanted to. Neighbor John called and said he was ready to help with moving hay into the corral. I was really happy he called because I really wanted to get up. What fun. The fence wasn't open 5 minutes before the wascally horses realized they could get out. They did. It was alright, I knew I could get them back in and I enjoy watching them be able to run. They are so cool when they get to do that. Then, they run over to the tree break where the other fence is. I guess they're institutionalized. Hay in, fence closed, and even fixed some places thet needed it.

Next, I sweped the garage out. These aren't big things, but when you haven't been able to get outside much, it's extremely nice to be able to do it.

Put up a couple of the bird feeders. The dog chewed on one of them a bit but it'll be okay. I'm concerned I won't get a lot of birds until Eliza gets back and takes her dog home. Jaycee loves to chase birds and will be horrible to them if she's still here.

Taking a break right now for lunch. If I manage to go back outside, and do anything, I'll post again.