Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sunday - Santa Monica beach

What a lovely day for a drive up the coast. Over 70 flights were camcelled at Limburgh Field today. Fog. Inland it was all beautiful. We drove up to Santa Monica because we heard about a group that places crosses on the beach every Sunday as a tribute to the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. They call it Arlington West. We got there and were able to dedicate a cross for Jeremiah. Actually, we were surprised to find one was already done. Two others had been here before us. One just left initials on the sign he made, and the other was made by Sgt. Huff, who served with Jeremiah. He's presently back in Iraq. The display is moving. They do this every Sunday.

They have a table for more information and offer a lot of materials for returning vets about many services available, including medical, schooling, etc.

The group who sponsors this is Vets for Peace who advocate bringing everybody home now. I personally do not agree with their viewpoint but do appreciate any tribute to the fallen.

Monday, December 1, 2008


The weather has been pretty normal for SD since we've been here. Morning overcast and nice days as it burns off. The coast has been foggier, though, so not really beach weather. Saturday we met with Gary P. and Stephen and Zina and played miniatue golf at Boomers in El Cajon. Lots of fun. Afterwards, we went to a decent sit down Mexican restaurant in downtown El Cajon, called Por Favor. Laurie's sister Linda met us there and we ate. After that everyone went their own way and Laurie and I went to Pacific Beach and strolled along the beach. There is this place called Crystal Pier that has been there since the 40s or longer. It has these bungalows along the pier where you can rent and the rest of the pier usd to be for the private use of the renters. It's open now for the public and we walked out to the end of the pier and watched the surfers below waiting for their waves to come in. After the sun sank into the ocean we left the beach and drove down Garnet to where all the beach night life was. We strolled through some shops and rested at this local pub with outside tables and ate some rolled tacos and margaritas. A very nice day and evening. I promise to post some pictures after I get home on my computer. Really.