Friday, July 29, 2011

Yard workin'

We've been working on the yard all day. I was out cuting and trimming some trees in the backyard. Some are just overgrown or grown branches too low. A couple others have been broken and are now growing through or fell onto another and they are all just a mess. One corner of my back yard doesn't get enough sun due to the mess. I think it will all get better there.

We have some cherries growing on two of my Sand Cherry bushes. One of our 5 apple trees finally have apples on them. My raspberry bushes are growing good this year, too. There's been a lot of rain, but it's been hot and damp, too. Everything has been growing great.

This is the first year that the hay field developed fast enough that we could have it hayed last month and will probably be able to get a second cutting.

Just working along trying to get a handle on this property for once.