Monday, November 9, 2015

Exporting Democracy - Nation Building

Why is it that the idea of going to other nations and trying to teach them to have an America-like democracy is bad and oppressive, but it is desirable to open our borders for any and all entire cultures or populations to come here and be able to experience that democracy?

Is it because there are those who actually despise America so much that they want others flooding in here not really to benefit from American society but to help overwhelm and destroy it?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

America - a special place?

I think America is only a special place because it was founded and run on the Constitution.  Any society that wanted the same conditions for prosperity could do the same.  Why would you want to change a successful system when there are plenty of socialist countries in Europe?  Why are all the people coming illegally from all over the world coming to America? Why aren't they flocking to the socialist utopias of Cuba, Venezuela, France, Greece, or Spain in the same numbers?

Put another way, if you feel the Constitutional system is so badly flawed that it doesn't work as it should, but the socialist model in some other country does, then why would you want to go to all the trouble to change this country when you could go to a different one where, even if that system isn't running quite as you think it should, it would be closer and therefore easier to correct.

The beauty of the United States is that the government is not limited to the federal level.  If you have two fairly equal states,say, California and Texas, install all the socialist programs you want and let the constitutionalists do the same for their state.  If you are right, California will flourish and serve as an example of how to create a fair and just society. And being more successful, the citizens of other states will follow.

Is it that you want your way so badly that you can't allow any example of an alternative exist?

I have found that anyone, even in the worst situation, can move to a different state and find the type of system they choose to live in.  We didn't want to leave California, but we couldn't afford to live there as the employment climate would not afford us a chance to get on our feet.  The welfare system insisted we surrender everything we had in order to get help.  Once there, we would not have had the means to climb up out of that hole without breaking laws.  They wanted us to sell our car and when that money ran out, we could get help.  But, without a car, how are you going to find work in California?  We moved a family of five to a state where there was more opportunity and lower costs and taxes and were able to create a stable life for our children.  This was because there were two states being operated under different ideas by two different state governments.